Mobile Church Set to Hit 100 Towns in 100 Days

Greg Medina has been gifted with the entrepreneurial spirt and vision that has served him well as a businessman. But when he sold his business and asked himself what was next, God provided a different way for him to use his skillset.

Now Medina and his wife Tracie are pursuing a mission to bring a rolling ministry to 100 towns in the Houston area over 100 days.

Greg Medina and his wife Tracie

What does a rolling ministry look like? Medina describes it as a mobile stage that can be taken down streets where ministry most needs to happen and where people are waiting to hear about the Lord. If he can take it one step further and connect them to a local church, well, that’s even better.

The ministry is called Uncontainable 1, named after the verse found in 1 Kings 8:27,“But will God really dwell on earth? The heavens, even the highest heaven, cannot contain you. How much less this temple I have built!” Medina’s goal is to minister to those on the streets by bringing church to them. As he says, “The church is so great! Why can’t we just take down the walls?”

Medina and his wife conceived of their idea while brainstorming what their next step would be after selling their business. The practical, business-minded part of Medina’s thinking told him to start another business. But he always had a heart for missions and had spent the last 20 years ministering outside of the church walls. He loved street ministry and reaching people where they lived. So he prayed and asked God what he should do. He felt an answer that was another question: What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money? His answer was the mobile stage, a rolling church with audio and video that would go from church to organization to ministry supporting their work on the streets.

He believes that God answered him clearly as he was reminded of the words, “Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you.” So he ignored what seemed practical and forged ahead with what seemed right. When Covid hit, he and his wife spent their time volunteering for various ministries. Wanting to contribute more, he was struck with the idea to travel to 100 cities in 100 days. 

Uncontainable 1 will set out on March 5 and end their tour on June 12. Medina said, “We’re reaching out to churches, ministries, and organizations asking them to partner with us and join us in parking lots, parks, wherever people’s needs are. We want to bring the body of Christ together, then introduce them to their local church so they can plug into something that will sustain them. It’s important they know that their church is there for them.”

Envisioning a gathering that includes testimonies, music and dance, some traditional worship, some rappers, and a non-denominational, non-political atmosphere, Medina wants everyone to feel like they belong. He wants them to have fun and relate to what they are hearing so they can truly embody it. As he says, “Nothing is secular with God; everything is sacred.”

He plans to partner with organizations that provide services helpful to these communities, whether they be pro-life, help with addictions, or food to put on the table. “I want them to see the whole kingdom of God showing up for them,” he said.

The mission is a huge undertaking and the Medinas could definitely use help. “We need locations and churches to serve and come out and take ownership of their city. They are the ones that are going to be there to carry out the mission after we are gone. We need help coordinating, we need sponsors, and we could really use a couple volunteers to help run our website and handle administrative duties.”

Uncontainable1 is also in need of a sound system or the money to buy one.

There are a lot of ministries out there reaching people in the streets,” said Medina. But they are isolated and all they know is what God is doing in them and what they can see right in front of them. We want to give a bigger perspective, like seeing the forest for the trees. This will encourage us to see we are all pieces of the puzzle. Our perspectives are so small but the bigger picture – we would all stand in awe of that. When we see God moving, that’s powerful. That’s what we hope to be. Not just a storyteller, but a participant in making change.

If you would like to volunteer or support this important ministry, go to and fill out an interest form.

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Dr. Rebecca Deurlein
Dr. Rebecca Deurlein

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