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Ruth Charles is known as the Growth and Identity Coach, having helped countless ministry and business leaders to re-build their confidence, improve their public and private images, family relationships, and strategic systems.

This organizational leadership coach is a multifaceted author with a global influence. As a counselor, executive coach, and motivational speaker, Ruth has trained numerous people from the nations of the world. She is the leading voice for a new era of leadership. For more information, visit Ruth’s website.

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BHC-Behavioral Health Consultants, Inc (BHC) is a group of mental health providers that serves the Houston area and its surrounding communities. Armed with knowledge and expertise, our mental health providers and office staff have special understanding and support for those who need help in dealing with mental health issues.

Mental health issues are very common, but are also widely misunderstood. People with mental illnesses are frequently stigmatized by others who think it’s an uncommon condition. The truth is, it can affect anyone at any time. It is something as important as one’s physical or medical condition.

Here at BHC, we help individuals understand that mental health issues are not an indication of a weakness of character. Rather, it is a product of the interaction of biological, psychological and social factors. Social influences can also contribute to the development of various mental health problems.

There is nothing to be afraid of. There are various recovery processes that could be employed so that an individual can live, work, learn and interact fully in his or her communities. BHC provides hope in an individual’s recovery. We believe that anyone can live a fulfilling and productive life with proper treatment and support.