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Core Capital Management & Research is an award winning, Houston-based investment management firm recognized year over year by the Houston Business Journal as one of the city’s Top Wealth Managers. Providing tailored investment management to individuals, businesses, churches, charities and foundations, we put our clients first and work to meet all of their financial needs through a disciplined investment strategy and the highest level of service and transparency. At Core Capital we are accountable directly to our clients and hold tightly to our integrity, credibility and faith.


At Retirement Specialty Group, Inc., a full services investment advisory firm, we help you plan safely for your retirement. We find solutions to many difficult situations. We also promote faith-based investing where you can ensure your investments do not support agendas that go against your moral beliefs.

Whether you are ready to retire or are many years away from retirement, let us meet with you and plan your retirement today!

Investment advisory services are offered through Optivise Advisory Services, LLC. Optivise and RSG are independent of one another. Investment advisory services are offered through Optivise Advisory Services, LLC, a SEC registered investment advisor.

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At Thrivent, we believe money is a tool, not a goal. Driven by a higher purpose at our core, we are committed to providing financial advice, investments, insurance, banking, and generosity programs to help people make the most of all they’ve been given.

At our heart, we are a membership-owned fraternal organization, as well as a holistic financial services organization, dedicated to serving the unique needs of our clients. We focus on their goals and priorities, guiding them towards financial choices that will help them live the life they want today – and tomorrow. Let’s connect if you have questions.