Retail Shopping

5614 2nd Street
(281) 391-2299

Welcome to the KT Antiques Mall. We purchase and sell painted and unpainted furniture, antiques, vintage items, collectibles, gifts, home decor (old and new) and much more. Come and stop by!

If you have items to sell, shoot us an email with photos to

1234 FM 359 North
(281) 375-8864

Manna House is a nonprofit men’s addiction recovery home and program based on biblical principles and practices. If you are trapped in the bondage of alcohol or drugs, make Manna House your home and reclaim abundant life.

We offer a wide variety of gently used merchandise at reasonable pricing, and the purchases you make help support the residents in their recovery program. Shop the Manna Thrift Store and find great bargains on clothing and household items. You need know what special treasure you will find among the variety of trinkets. Happy thrifting!