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We are innovators of advanced and emerging health technologies that are earth friendly. Our cutting-edge technology is used to support your health and bring changes to the quality of your life.

Our technology is recognized as exclusive Certified Space Technology by the NASA Space Foundation. We specialize in bringing the most advanced and effective technology for clean air, clean water with water optimization and clean power – to name a few. We partner with a manufacturing company that’s been in business for over 90 years!

We welcome an opportunity to serve you and bring you peace of mind with air quality and water quality.

We also welcome a discussion about your interest in becoming certified in our Apprentice Program for you to bring solutions to others.


Oxygen Orchard is the leading manufacturer and marketer of The Big Pitcher, the small electric appliance that oxygenates drinking water.

In early 2000, Teri Mathis measured her family’s drinking water to see how much dissolved oxygen might be there. Teri owned an environmental remediation company and was knowledgeable about water chemistry, so she was curious when the meter showed “zero” and wondered whether drinking water with no dissolved oxygen would be unhealthy.

Teri and her husband Lee resolved to find a product to safely oxygenate their drinking water – there was none yet – or to plunge into the vast unknown of designing and actually manufacturing a home appliance that would do the job.

The hallmark product, The Big Pitcher, is made by Oxygen Orchard, Inc. (an SBA Woman-Owned Small Business) in the USA. The Big Pitcher carries a one-year factory warranty, is simple to set up and operate, and uses about the same electricity as a night-light. Using tap water and a dissolved oxygen meter, an outside laboratory analysis determined that it takes about 20 minutes to fully oxygenate water in The Big Pitcher.

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Water Tree Katy provides Alkaline Antioxidant Water. Because of the impact that water has on our health. Shouldn’t you make sure you are drinking best water possible?

Our health is very closely linked to the pH levels of the water and blood circulating in our bodies. A low pH contributes to an acidic body that is a breeding ground for disease which is why Water Tree offers alkaline water solutions. Alkaline water helps to raise the pH of your body so that it can function like it should and hydrate more efficiently.

A higher level of acidity in your body isn’t the only factor that contributes to poor health. Dehydration can slow your metabolism and lead to weight gain, impair your mental abilities, and leave you feeling exhausted, hungry, and grumpy. This is another area that Water Tree goes above and beyond because many of our products are able to create very small clusters of water molecules, or microclusters. Water that is delivered to your cells in microcluster form are able to hydrate you faster and more effectively. Get Better Water. Get Alkaline Antioxidant Water.