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This unique devotional book pairs stunning abstract art with fifty-two Christian devotionals to provide readers with encouragement and spiritual sustenance along the life-long discipleship journey. Becoming His Masterpiece is a feast for the eyes and food for the soul.

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My name is Gail Armatys and I’m a Christian life coach, author, speaker, and mentor who is passionate about helping women who feel like they’re losing themselves in their circumstances and the race against time. Women who desire more confidence in making decisions and changes, more energy to get through their days, more peace and rest to refuel and enjoy their days.

I, too, used to feel overwhelmed, stressed, busy, and yet, alone. It seemed like I was standing still and time was passing me by with more than I could ever check off my to-do list. I had little confidence and worried about things related to my kids, my work, my relationships, making the right decisions, and meeting expectations. Helplessness is a good way to describe it. It was like I was on the hamster wheel of life but I wasn’t a hamster, so the wheel wasn’t working for me and I didn’t know how to change the pace, hop off, or even enjoy the ride like I desperately wanted. I didn’t understand my dissatisfaction and it seemed like I was just along for the ride rather than walking with confidence in a particular direction. Until God got ahold of me and introduced me to my coach.

I get where you might find yourself today. I became a life coach and mentor to help you break through to rediscover (or maybe discover for the first time) the beauty of who you really are and embrace your meant-to-be life so you can experience the energized, confident, and peace-filled living God desires for you. I coach from a Christ-centered and life purpose perspective.

Some of my qualifications include:
• Follower of Christ
• Professional Certified Life Coach
• Masters Degree in Human Development and the Family
• Additional training: Divorce Coach, Career Coach, and Mediator
• Over 30 years of navigating life as a Christian woman with a family (blended family), a professional career, and a ministry.

To read my newest book and begin your journey of self-discovery today, visit www.gailarmatys.com/resources.


Jeremy L. Richard ( JLR Writer) is an American horror author and theology graduate. He’s also a signed author with Christian Faith Publishing, known for his prolific hunger for writing and an unwavering imagination that grows stronger daily. Jeremy started writing scary stories at the age of 7, but as he became older, his love for writing was traded for criminal activities. Toward the end of Jeremy’s sophomore year, he was expelled from high school.

Thankfully, redemption came knocking on his door, and Jeremy had the chance to finish his high-schooling with Continental Academy, and then joined Job Corps out in San Marcos, Texas. A few years later, he enrolled in medical training and began his working hospital career. His passion for writing returned to his life after going through a divorce and the passing of his sister. These two painful blows in his life gave him inspiration, and writing poetry and short stories re-kindled the love of writing, which he thought was lost.

You can find Jeremy on Instagram and Facebook, or send him an email at jaypoet23@gmail.com. Check out his latest books by visiting the website icon!

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War is hell, and World War II created hell for everyone it touched. Across a Field of Angels is the gripping story of how one Christian family, forced from their rural farm in Germany, made their slow escape from the terrors of the war and Hitler’s regime. The Guetter family–along with neighboring families–spent months hiding in forests and abandoned buildings only to later spend years shuffled among refugee camps where rations were slim and disease was rampant. But one mother’s strong faith kept hope in spite of indescribable fear and suffering, until they eventually found a safe haven in the United States. The strength of a mother and the innocence of children come together in a unique, supernatural way in Across a Field of Angels.

“If you have ever wondered about or doubted the providential care and love of God, you need to read this book!” – Pastor John Kieschnick, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

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Welcome to Stellar Communications! We are a Houston-based company that is passionate about providing quality business communications and nonfiction book publishing on time for businesses, organizations and nonfiction authors.

Elevate Your Content
We’re passionate about providing quality content and publishing services that align with your business identity and goals. From blog posts to books, we provide every element and expert you need along the way, including project management, editing, writing, graphic design, photography, illustrations and more. The product is communication that brings clarity to your world.

Gain Clarity
We’re not into muddled plans and vague expectations. In fact, we’re on a mission to bring peace and clarity to the world – not only in what we do but how we do it. That’s why we invest in our processes as much as our products. You can expect upfront estimates and proposals that are easy to understand. And you can expect us to see your project through to the end.

Stay Ahead
We don’t shy away from deadlines. We value your time and ours too much to not embrace deadlines. So our promise to you is delivery of content that is always on time. And because we understand that you’re busy, we take the initiative to stay on track with your communication goals. You can expect us to stick to a schedule and to send regular updates so you don’t have to wonder about the progress of your project.

Distinguish Yourself
Our small circle of ongoing clients includes:
▪ nonfiction authors
▪ business owners
▪ corporations
▪ organizations

They have all one thing common: They value quality content, personal relationships and trusted delivery. Let’s talk about how we can bring quality, clarity, and reliability to your world through communication. We look forward to working with you!